What is known about GTA 6 so far?

What is known about GTA 6 so far?

With another year coming to a close, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans continue to wait patiently for Rockstar Games to release official information on what GTA 6 will look like. That said, certain developments and leaks have given players an unofficial sneak peek into the upcoming game.

Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that they are working on a new GTA title, leaving fans to speculate about GTA 6 and its offerings. This article summarizes important information about the next title that has arrived.

Everything gamers need to know about GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto fans should keep in mind that most of the information about the game currently available is based on speculation and everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

Leaks released in September 2022 gave fans some insight into what Grand Theft Auto 6 will look like. The visuals from the 90 leaked video clips did not portray the title in its final avatar. Instead, they showcased the game in its early development stages under Rockstar Games.

The hacking incident led to fans learning quite a few things about Grand Theft Auto 6 that may be reflected in the final version as Rockstar Games themselves confirmed that the leaked videos showcased an early version of Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans couldn’t help but be excited after the exciting revelations.

What did the GTA 6 leak reveal about the upcoming game?

According to the leaks, players can expect to revisit Vice City in its modern form. This was arguably the biggest reveal as gamers have been wondering where Rockstar Games would take them next for years now.

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The next important revelation was the existence of dual protagonists. Having more than one playable character is something Rockstar Games mastered with Grand Theft Auto 5, but many players disliked the feature as it made their gameplay uneven and non-linear.

It seems that Rockstar Games has decided to keep the multi-protagonist aspect in the next title, but toned it down to just two playable characters to keep players happy.

This also helped reveal some possible plot elements of the Grand Theft Auto 6 narrative as many fans were already expecting Rockstar Games to tell a Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque story with the new game. Having two playable characters fits this theory perfectly.

On the technical side, several new features, such as the police remembering the players’ driving licenses and the type of crimes they have committed, were discovered due to the leaks. It seems that NPCs will have improved reactions in the upcoming title as they were seen with dynamic mechanics such as ducking down and showing more emotions.

New gameplay features such as robbing a diner and character movement mechanics such as crawling were also revealed in the leaks. Finally, all the weapons and cars in the videos appeared to be more detailed than ever before in the Grand Theft Auto series.

All this information about Grand Theft Auto 6 may prove to be accurate, but players should remember that the developers can make significant changes at any time and change these features.

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