What will it take for us to give up Warzone?

What will it take for us to give up Warzone?

Warzone 2 is a mess. It may be a less predatory upgrade than Overwatch 2, but it’s also somehow even more broken. You’d think “working” would be a prerequisite for games to be released, but these days developers have tight schedules to hit and too much on their plate. We’ve seen it with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which looks awful, runs even worse, and would still be a subpar game if it were technically perfect.

I’ve already compared Call of Duty and Pokemon for their buggy, unfinished releases, but there are similar reasons behind that as well. Aside from the insidious capitalism forcing games out at unsustainable prices, Warzone had to release close to Modern Warfare 2. Pokemon has far more deadlines to meet – the games tie in with TCG releases and anime (if that’s still a thing) – which is probably why it wasn’t delayed. But how long will it be before we give up on these games?


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Pokemon is one and done. I’ve finished the story and once I’ve finished the Pokedex I’ll only be playing on alt accounts for Nuzlocke races or making competitive teams to fight in ranked – if the matches get fixed that is. Warzone, on the other hand, is a true live-service game that aims to lure you back week after week for more shootouts with the boys.

What will it take for us to give up Warzone vehicles

Warzone’s flaws are more serious because they are competitive. When you’re fighting another player, an actual person, and they’re completely invisible due to a bug or hack, the game doesn’t feel fair. When opponents can hide in the gas for minutes without taking damage, it encourages you to switch off and play another game. Apex feels a little slow right now, but at least there are fewer cheaters.

Ironically, there are some bugs that keep me playing. When you could upgrade weapons by placing a mine on top of a tank, it was great fun. Now you can get infinite money through some trash can trickery, which also increases your weapons. I love seeing those little numbers tick up when they shouldn’t, but this is a sign of a bigger problem: I get more enjoyment out of playing the system than I do playing Battle Royale. Any chance to skip the grind, unlock perks and upgrades without working for them, I’ll take it. Because playing Warzone right now isn’t much fun.

What will it take for us to give up the Warzone boat

The last bug I’ve noticed some players encounter is that when they launch the game from Steam, it restarts the PC instead. It’s a sign, right? Warzone doesn’t want you to play it. It has gotten mean and gone rogue, actively warning players not to log in. I’m kidding, of course, but it’s the latest in a long list of bugs that make the game unplayable. Whether you’re being sniped by a completely invisible opponent or can’t even open the game, it’s the same: it’s definitely not fun.

So how long do we give it? I’ve already stopped playing a lot of Warzone, but what will be the last straw that breaks my back and pushes me to completely uninstall? It’s full of game-breaking bugs, and I get killed by cheaters more than regular players; what other game would we give the benefit of the doubt for so long? Pokemon, perhaps, which are just as broken at the moment. These games are not good enough and players deserve better. Everyone has their own tolerance for bullshit, and I think my goodwill has been used up. I’ll play something better, something that works as intended. It’s the least I can ask for.

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